IHJR at the Institute of European Studies of Brussels

On May 2012 Catherine Cissé van den Muijsenbergh gave a lecture at the Institut d’Etudes Européennes of the Université Libre de Bruxelles as part of a course organized by Professor Jihane Sfeir on “Memories in Conflict: the Arab-Israeli Conflict”.  The two renowned historians Avi Shlaim, from Israel, and Henry Laurens, historian of the Arabian world in the College de France, previously contributed to this course.

Catherine Cissé van den Muijsenbergh explained the approach of the IHJR towards disputed history and the process of creating shared narratives. She presented the work of the IHJR on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Zoom in, Two Sides of the Coin and Haifa Before& After 1948.

After the lecture, students actively participated in a discussion on the role of memory in the Arab-Israeli conflict, but also on other divided histories, in the former Yugoslavia, Armenia and Turkey as well as between the Baltic countries and Russia.