Our Work

The core of the IHJR’s activity is the development, funding, and execution of multi-year projects and networking initiatives. These are selected by the Director in consultation with the Executive Committee. Projects are conceptualized, developed and funded in cooperation with regional partners with local capacity and expertise.

Several key criteria are used in selecting a project or initiative. These include:

  • compatibility with the IHJR mission;
  • the availability of appropriate partners and adequate levels of funding;
  • the potential to produce practical outcomes, e.g., publications, historical commissions, public forums, or other “products” or activities that contribute to reconciliation processes in the region.
  • Targeted toward the youth

The IHJR seeks projects and networking initiatives that can promote positive, forward looking results and intends to inspire others to replicate the work and to build capacity in the region. The themes and modalities for dealing with issues are determined by local and regional partners while the IHJR plays a support and facilitating role.


The Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation (IHJR) under the auspices of EUROCLIO works with educational and public policy institutions to organize and sponsor historical discourse in pursuit of acknowledgement, and the resolution of historical disputes. Founded in 2004, the IHJR has conducted multi-year projects in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.